Dork Knights Gaming: New Products

And now with a cutting edge WordPress blog site do the Dork Knights launch a cardboard assault!

03ElvishPresley WAMcardBack

Waste-A-Mind: A comedic, card based, tabletop strategy game

Your disembodied brain, having abandoned ship in frustration with collectable card games, is pitted against that of your opponent in lethal strategic combat. Deploy Army Guys, Little Girls, and Grateful Dead cover bands to subdue opposing forces and strip away the last shreds of foe-ward sanity. Magic the Gathering meets chess, “It’s Thundranium for your Cranium“.

Despite super heavy tactical strategy, Waste-A-Mind functions as a relief game for the hardcore tabletop gamer. The fully open play environment has no turn phases and is kept free form by limiting arbitrary rules to the bare minimum.

Slightly satirical social and media commentary and tongue in cheek bizarre comedy round out the theme and allow for seamless suspension of disbelief.

Hand drawn, digitally enhanced cards offer a fresh look to the strategy card game genre.

74 unique cards, many with their own unique abilities round out the 144 card set offering myriad interactions and significant depth of play for two to four players.

Waste-A-Mind is board optional.

It is also, as an option, a cube drafting game.

Kickstarter tba, I have to do something about the massive blocks of text and I am testing how players feel about an abilities codex.


BarFight: A fight simulator and card based drinking game!

Shuffle and deal the cards to any number of players and use them to beat the snot out of your opponents. At which time they must drink. Except for the advertising version, wherein they must accept a “Recreational Penalty”.

Special cards pertaining to games played in a bar room whereby drinks must be purchased as part of a cards effect.

“BarFly” persona cards are adoptable personalities that have an impact on gameplay.

Game includes:

24 round coaster-looking playing cards

14 Combat moves/actions

5 “BarFly” personality cards

4 “Upgrade” cards

1 Rules card (All of the rules fit on one round card)


My new partner and I have salvaged the fun of needless complications scrapped in favor of simplicity, and intend to produce an expansion set to launch concurrently into a comic shop near you. Most notably The Portal in Bethlehem PA


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